Gamertag Picture custom mod help

i used horizon and everything went good but no one not even friends can see my gamerpic any way to fix that.

I don’t know if it is a fix too be honest, but try deleting the profile only and then redownloading it.

but wont the profile go back to the old way with out modded gamer pic

No, it is just basically a fix for corrupted data that occurs.

no nick what hes saying is u know how u can add your own custom pic it doesn’t only u can see it not his friends or or anyone this is happening to me to I tried adding a custom pic and no one can see the custom pic

Unfortunately it is no longer possible to use a custom gamer picture and have it show up for everyone.

not even your friends to see?

dam :l

Oh, I thought he/she was talking about gamerpics with Horizon, sorry.

No, not even your friends will see it.

ok well is there any way to have a custom pic by doing any kinds of mods

No, it is patched, as well as all methods.