Games on the Epic store just not working

I have no idea what im doing wrong, every time i try to play a game on epic store with wemod, it needs account privilages then says theres not working, Anyway around it?

I couldnt use it on the outer worlds but as soon as i got it on steam, it worked perfectly.

I dont want to have to rebuy the games on steam but if it doesnt work, il just uninstall it

Are you sure you chose the EpicGames Store version? Different launchers means different trainer type. Its under the games name

Totaly. I mean Phonenix point isnt even with the steam one. It would be a easy mistake to make but it connects automaticly and it used to work, thats the annoying thing.

The Outer Worlds game was recently updated, if I recall correctly. Therefore the trainer likely needs an update in that case.

98% of Steam trainers may work with Epic versions of the game. You’ll just need to press the Fix button and manually link the Epic .exe there. Then for best results, don’t activate the trainer until you are on the game’s main menu.

Ive found a way around it, I have to uninstall epic and then reinstall and then reinstall the game. this works for the issue as long as i do not restart or turn off my pc. I might start looking for changes

Hello and thank you for the update. :slight_smile:

Because of what you need to do to rectify this issue, it tells me that the issue is a user-sided one that is originating on your PC, not from WeMod. But don’t worry, we’ll still try to help, because reinstalling Epic and the game every time you restart is just ridiculous.

I can vaguely recall a similar issue occurring a few years ago for someone else I gave support to in the past in a completely different community, but for a Steam game as opposed to Epic ones.

The issue in that case was that the user’s operating system was in need of an update. Because their PC’s OS was out of date, there were major incompatibilities with the game they wanted to play.
I cannot recall 100%, but the issue was either because they had disabled automatic Windows updates or they had insufficient system resources or slow internet to download and install it, so it was failing or self-cancelling.

So, try checking if your PC needs an update. Type “check for updates” in your search tool that is on your task bar (Windows 10) and click the top result. If there is an update pending - do it.

  • Note that, depending how outdated your OS is, this may take a couple of hours, so it’s best to do this when you are not in immediate need of your PC (ie, while you’re sleeping).
  • Also note that Windows updates has a tendency to sometimes forget to re-install or update .NET Framework. So after you’ve updated your OS, also double-check Windows didn’t forget about this: Download .NET Framework 4.8 | Free official downloads.

Keep us updated. :slight_smile:

So, i had a look and i did have a few updates, but nothing i thought was major but i did update. I have automattic updates and i even cleared my SSD in case theres a large update.

Exactly the same issues, requres my permission as if its running admin and then fails. I wonder if i turn off the security while playing then bringing it back on, only i dont want to forget to turn it on. Il give it a try