[GameSave][Direct Download] FortressCraft [All Relics unlocked]

Kink’s FortressCraft Gamesave

Game Title: FortressCraft Chapter 1

Game Title ID: 584E07D2

Save: Download!
Relics Unlocked: 8 (Not including the TNT Detonator, which is not a actual relic…but I do have it unlocked.)
-TNT Detonator
-Speed Boots
-Jump Boots
-Ray Gun
-Water Walk
-Head Light

What you need to do:
Note: If using horizon, make sure safe mode is turned off!
-head to the directory in your storage device:

0000000000000000 > 584E07D2 > 000E0000 [The game save is 25MB, the game is like 65MB]
-Delete old gamesave, replace the old one with mine.
-Load fortresscraft up, select your device you placed my gamesave onto.


Enjoy :smile:, Confirmed working!

Dang, came out today and already saves for it. Good job man.

This will be awesome if it works thx :smile:

This game is bad, not worth even doing this to be honest.

wow trust it to be you thanks kink your best as all ways :smiley:

EDIT: Just leting you know it works for me :stuck_out_tongue:

should be in diamond

It’s a game save, no need.

…Is there anyway of getting fortresscraft for free? xD I blew all my msp on rb3.

kink is based

fux wif him, getcho rectum cut

Works 110%

Saved me time.

Good **** bro.

Whoever made this save format is a ******.

please can someone YouTube tut this or something. I am a bit confused Thanks Kink!!!

I edited the tutorial a little, enjoy. I’ll maybe make a video later.

what did you use to edit the package? modio won’t let me swap console id’s and horizon errors out >.<

I use Horizon, I’ll make a video in a little bit.
EDIT: Tractionz is making the video.

i got it make sure to tell people that they MUST have safe mode off >.<

Cheers :smiley:

Did you rehash and resign?

Yea, rehash/resign after making changes to your IDs.