Gamesharing two accounts

Hey guys my question is that I want to gameshare with somebody but in my main account I already am gamesharing with someone. I want to gameshare again on my second, can I do that with keeping my first games

Accounts of what platform?

I wouldnt recommend sharing any accounts with other ppl than immediate (close) family, and in some cases not even that, but its ur own choice.

You should, im gsharing with 3 people right now, just make sure its done with people you can really trust. Also, make it some of that “hush hush, you never saw us” type of ■■■■ since microsoft has been banning people if they hear youre doing it, be careful who you talk to

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Can you gameshare a gameshared game.
So if I “person 1” share with person 2
And person 2 shares with person 3
Will person 3 get my games

No it only worked for the first 2 people (persons 1 and 2) as far as i know the gamesharing is relative to the accounts locally stored on thr console