GameStop Gears Of War 3 Pre-Order Code [Generator]

This is a code generator that I made for the exploit.

Download: Pre-Order Code Generator.rar
When you download it make sure that you keep DevComponents.DotNetBar2 in the same place as the program or it will not work.
php script (thanks to Chris):
Look what I won.

Open Me


Free stuff?

too good to bed true. I’d like to see some scans, bro.

what do u do with the code

****ing idiots. Great tool man.

You use the code that you generated and go Here and you win things (mainly wallpapers.)

Nevermind. Damn verification code lol

Just make it a PHP script.

doesn work


how about our bot u just put an email in and click once and it keeps goin haha

because their is a captcha for that reason

i know. the bot still works though. my bro won a few times.

Then post it?

not gunna release.

Prob a RAT.

Why do you want me to do that if you already have one that does it?

no im sayin make one for everyone else

Is there any certain order or is basically just random generated? Ill do a php for it in the morning.

Yeah it has to be in a ceratin order.
How To Make Your OWN Pre-Order Code:

  1. First number of the code should start with 4, 6, 8, or 9
  2. Next two numbers MUST be 11
  3. Next two number MUST be less than 12, but more than 1
  4. Next two number MUST be less than 31 but more than 1
  5. Next four numbers can be anything below 2459
  6. The last 5 numbers can be ANYTHING
    It all has to add up to 16 characters or it will not work.

Do you think you could release the source? I moght get back into programming and this would be a cool place to look and learn.