GameStop Gears Of War 3 Pre-Order Exploit!

How To Get UNLIMITED Spins For GameStop Promotion

  1. You have to make your own preorder code, to use
  2. Go to Pre Order Gears Of War 3 | GOW 3 Beta Code | Buy Gears 3 | GameStop3. Press Play Now
  3. At the top enter the code you made, use a email address you have to receive stuff
  4. Press enter now
  5. Pres Spin
  6. Press Spin again, then let the wheel spin, and it should give you a prize

How To Make Your OWN Pre-Order Code:

  1. First number of the code should start with 4, 6, 8, or 9
  2. Next two numbers MUST be 11
  3. Next two number MUST be less than 12, but more than 1
  4. Next two number MUST be less than 31 but more than 1
  5. Next four numbers can be anything below 2459
  6. The last 5 numbers can be ANYTHING

Can I have a link? (:

Yeah man a link would be nice.

lol, sorry
I wrote this TuT on one site then C&P’ed on all the others

Pre Order Gears Of War 3 | GOW 3 Beta Code | Buy Gears 3 | GameStop

Here’s the link: Pre Order Gears Of War 3 | GOW 3 Beta Code | Buy Gears 3 | GameStop

**** you Canada

Get nothing but the wallpaper. :confused:

Yeah, too bad you get the wallpaper 99% of the time.

I’ve got 4 different wallpapers and 2 free spins… Nothing big yet.

I got 2 free spins resulting in wallpapers.

Lol I’ve gotten soooo many wallpapers. Thanks man :wink:

NOTHING BUT DAMN WALLPAPERS! All I want is a gift card :anguished:

If anyone gets a 1 month or something like that, I believe I have found a glitch:L on the URL ( for example if you change any of the numbers in red it allows you to download the same item again.

Can’t get any of the codes to work.

Why does it want my address? Should I enter it? or do i just need my email.

Have random chars for everything, Zip code: 12345, name: bgajdyd, etc. :L

I can’t even get a valid verification code. Are you guys getting the same thing?

Try it with wallpapers, i did it and it didn’t work.

This, can anybody help us get a code working?

It’s still 100% working for me, you guys must be doing it wrong…