Gamestop MW3 Contest! [Pick Your Perks]

Gamestop is running another pre-order sweepstakes, this time for Modern Warfare 3!

After the success of Surprize Attack! with Modern Warfare 2, Gamestop is topping it with Pick Your Perks!
Not only can you win tons of great prizes, such as an xbox game cave including 100,000,000 microsoft points (that’s right, one hundred million.), or a trip around the world, you get to CHOOSE which prizes you earn!
You can enter every day, and if you’re a powerup rewards member, you get double entries per day!
With every entry, you receive a “care package”, which is basically an instant win prize, including wallpapers, microsoft points, or xbox LIVE membership.
To enter, go here: GameStop Call of Duty: MW3 Pick Your Perks Sweepstakes

Then simply follow the instructions given to you :]

Good luck, hope you win something!

Cool, and Surprise Attack was for Black Ops I think.

i can haz somones purchase code?

Me to plox :smiley:.

sweet, is this only for USA?

In store:06121/02-033
:Online code :4110101000000000
The first is mine and the other got from ttg.

I’m not sure, I think for anywhere there’s a Gamestop. My friend who lives in Canada entered, so maybe just North America? I don’t know specifics :confused:

At the bottom of the page it says: “…open to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia…”

So US only :[ sorry everyone!

haha i just put in a US address :smile: got a wallpaper

The Surprize Attack contest was for MW2, but after it ended the page began to redirect to

Well now I think I’ll play the waiting game until someone exploits this like they have for almost every other Gamestop giveaway.

I kinda wish it wouldn’t talk to me.

I pre-ordered a long time ago, where do I get my code?

Kinda BS i just won a 1 month but with a random email so i cant use it >=(

In the website it shows you examples of the location.

What if you pre-ordered it in the store… like not online?

Get your reciept;

At the top of the reciept, it should list the store information, followed by a gap. On the right side of the first line after the gap, there should be a series of numbers like this:

12345/67 - 890

^^ that’s your pre order code :]

Alright, thanks man!

I just got a wallpaper…

Who wants it?

No problem, glad to help :]