Gamestop shipping?

i would like to know if gamestop still gives free shipping when u spend 25$ or more anyone know :smile:

It should say on their site somewhere. If you search around the interwebs you can sometimes find promo & coupon codes for online stores. I found one for free shipping on $24.99 and over purchases, it says 42% success rate. Enter saver at checkout and see if it works.

Go to GameStop’s website and look… I don’t believe they do.


Like everyone else said, look on the website. I found the other thing you wanted to know through the help center found on the bottom on the website.

If the item is over $35 check out amazon, they usually give free shipping for items over that.

yes i know about amazon also u know u could just make a free amazon account and join prime and get free shipping and your thing in 2 days then cancel your prime lol but wasn’t looking to buy anything on amazon they are a rip off they still sell 4gb Xbox 360s for almost 200 bucks

You can get one used on there for under $80

Prime is $70 ( I don’t know if there is a free trial, plus they probably wont let you get your money back after you already use the service.)

Edit: Plus, gamestop rips people off all the time. So it’s no better.

If you want something at a cheap price with no shipping fee just use craigslist. Yes you’ll have to meet someone in person, but you’ll get what you want at the price point you’ve set. I do it multiple times a week. Just be wise and let it be known that you will need to fully test the item before handing over the $.

i dont know but when i joined prime i didn’t get a deal on anything i paid for even tho when im not logged on it says i can buy tony hawk pro skater 5 for 9 bucks new with prime it never gives it to me

Honestly, I wouldn’t ever order from gamestop. They’re greedy MF’ers and they don’t care about the average gamer/person. I haven’t shopped there in years and will not ever again. They rip people off and they screw people over. It’s all about the money for them. I don’t care about their deals or anything. I just don’t support them. Sorry if ya’ll do or if you all support them but I don’t.

ALSO, as far as Amazon and their Prime service… I f**cking love it. You get 30 days free then it’s $70 for a YEAR. Not bad, honestly. It’s than $6/mo. And they usually have the best prices. Just do your research. Read their reviews. They have in-depth reviews on a lot of products. Honestly I just hate gamestop because I think they’re so greedy lol. Amazon is a huge company but at least they give you the option to donate to a business of your choice, which I do. But, your choice man. Go for the the greedy game co. or go for the big corp. of amazon. Up to you.

AS WELL: You get free 2 day shipping and MY GOODNESS is that awesome. And if you hate the product you get the absolute freedom to express it and people will see that s#!t.

ok but what company isn’t greedy u cant just say gamestop is because bestbuy and walmart are the same greddy b******'s i understand amazon is good with the “prime” program i used it a couple times but think about this if u only use amazon once or twice a year why pay 70 dollars a year for it ? also amazon charges more as i said the basic 4gb xbox 360 is almost 200 bucks who would buy that if i had that kind of money i would just save 149 more dollars and buy a xbox one atleast gamestop only charges 159 for a new xbox 360 i even seen a new one for 129 new.