Gaming Music

Ever played a game that had such a killer soundtrack/OST that it made a lasting impression of you? Maybe it even got you to listen to a genre of music that you usually don’t like or normally wouldn’t have any exposer to in the first place? Discuss it here!

Personally, big fan of hard rock and heavy metal here. Thrash Metal and Power Metal mainly. Naturally I love the soundtrack and OST to Brutal Legend. I also really enjoy background tracks from The Elder Scrolls series. Both the Hotine Miami and Payday franchises made me a fan of Carpenter Brut and got me to try out EDM. Oh and pretty much every song in any Tony Hawk game from Pro Skater 2 all the way up to American Wasteland brings back fond memories of me and my friends getting together on a friday night to see which of us could pull off the sickest combo, LOL.

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There are plenty of great soundtracks I could mention here.

However, the soundtracks that I think tug at my heartstrings the most is almost everything from The Last of Us. The music goes perfectly with the mood and feeling of the game and helps the player hit that “woah man, that was deep” feeling after watching a cutscene. I think you need to listen to the music in context as you’re playing the game for it to have a maximum effect.

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I have a funny feeling that the soundtrack for Cyberpunk 2077 will win awards, it’s already won my heart at the very least.
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