Gamingmodz VS. Viking360 VS. Rapidmodz

I was going to get the viking360 odin’s raven but it doesnt have the one touch quickscope/dropshot where as the Gamingmodz AND rapidmodz does for a cheeper price. The only reason i didnt leave viking360 in the dust is BECAUSE it’s more expensive. So that gives me the impression that it is built better. And the rapidfire on the viking360 looks faster,but i would sacrafice fast rapidfire for a dropshot/quickscope button. Are viking360 controllers just plain expensive or are they realy worth what i would have to pay? I know these are 3 REALY good companies but if any of you know of a better place to go please inform me and i will look into it.

Damn… those company’s I haven’t heard from in a long time, its all about Kaoss now, KaossControllers will be your best bet to get a sick controller along with your custom mods.

I got mine from EvilControllers, but it set me back around $450.

0.0 $450?!?! My limit is 180!

Don’t know how it is now, but a few years ago Viking360 was the ****.

Also a direct link to the website would be nice. And i would like the website to have the limited edition MW3 controller. That’s what i was going to buy from gamingmodz/the others.

I got mine from promodz on sale for $60 :thumbsup:

Hey,how good are the Promodz controllers? I have heard at least 30 people say their’s broke within a month. Do you have any problems with yours? I dont plan on buying another modded controller so when i buy i want the best of the best.

Viking 360 is the way to go i got mine for $70 about a year ago from a good friend

Does viking360 have the option to customize the controller like rapidmodz/gamingmodz? If so im DEFINATELY going with viking. But if not,no. The reason,like i said before,the quickscope and dropshot. You see,im HORRIBLE at quickscoping and it just seems absalutely awesome to be able to quickscope with the touch of a button!

The buttons don’t help…
Hotkeys have been around for ages, I even use the most perfect quickscope script on PC and its still ****tier than my ****ty quickscoping.

Viking is still the **** but way more expensive now. Their Macro Controller is like the best of the best as far as controllers are concerned.

Forget about Rapidmodz,Gamingmodz And Viking are better. So out of those 2 which is better?

My right stick was sticky for a while but I opened it up and blew on it a bunch and it fixed it no problem but the paint, rapid fire, and EVERYTHING else works 100% all the time. I like them because of how cheap their sales are. If you use the code RETURN10 you get 10% off.


end of discussion… :smile:

I would go for promodz but they dont have the MW3 limited edition controller which is essential for me because i’m a hardcore MW3 player. :thumbsup:

I got mine on a $25 eBay Mail-In Service

My friend has a evil controller and are rapid fire speeds are the same.

Well viking and gamingmodz are 2 realy good places to buy but which is better? I’m kinda leaning towards gamingmodz but please tell me which is better.

Viking360 is like 1000 times better for the soul fact that you can plug in the controller and set the speeds your self and change them whenever you want!
you can even customize your own controller… i have 2 of them :stuck_out_tongue:

i wouldnt trade my viking360 in for anything, best investment for a controller mod