G'day Mates!

G’day everyone! My name is SirAussieman. I’ve been around since Horizon 360 modding days, and my first post (and only post until now) was asking about how to get files onto a HDD from my 360 lol.

I wouldn’t count that as my first post though as I was a stupid kid at the time.
I go by SirAussieman on a majority of all platforms!

Anyway, hoping to be a lot more active in the community! Seems like a cool community to be in.

Ya boi,

Welcome to the community (again).

What’s your favourite game of all time?

And have you ever had kangaroo steaks? Bloody delicious! :yum:

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Ahhh, can’t decide on a favourite game! Got too many! But, if I had to choose, I’d say for my favourite console game, probably Persona 5 Royal. That game was so much fun to play. PC game though, I’d have to go with Hades. I relish the challenge that game gives!

I have had Kangaroo before. So good! Not my favourite thing to eat (that spot is the chicken schnitzel), but cannot deny that it tastes good!