Gear of war 4 not liading, windows blocking mod

Temporary turned off firewall, spyware,windows blocks the opens fine without infinity.

Load the game then alt-tab and press play in Infinity.

Thank for the tip, however, the game crashes when infinity downloads mod. It seems to be a windows game anti cheat.

You got the game from steam?

no from windows store.

Hmm. @unknown_v2 is the maker of the trainer he might be able to tell you more

I tested the trainer on the latest version of Windows 10 (Creators Update) and the latest version of Gears of War 4 (v10.3.0.2) and it works. What version of Windows 10 and GoW4 do you have?


Sorry I took so long to reply. It’s windows insiders preview 1703. 15063.

I don’t have that version so I can’t test yet, but they might have added more security in newer windows. I tested on Build 15063 non-preview.

also grand theft auto 5 wont load, get messages that social club cant be reached, then it closes down. Thanks for your reply.

My Bad, I launches GTAV on steam first then infinity , it works flawless.Thanks.