Gears 3 flame retro lancer unlock service + other unlockables!


(My story. Don’t read this if you don’t care)

Hi there everybody, so I am a gears 3 fanatic who was unfortunately affected by the rank reset glitch. Like many others who had their stats reset, and many who began playing gears too late, I realized gears 3 has limited edition skins that cannot be unlocked legitimately through gaming unless you were at the event and picked up the skin. So I started modding and soon discovered, as many of you already know, that every skin and character (including Cole Train) can be unlocked by simply putting your profile into horizon and checking a box. HOWEVER, I shortly discovered that one annoying but cool looking skin, THE FLAME RETRO LANCER, cannot be unlocked by basic mods, and I did NOT want to have my collection to be missing a piece. Finally, after educating myself, calling some old friends, and picking up some modding tools, I managed to unlock this weapon skin without losing my gears progress.

How did I do it???

Well, I found a friend who had it unlocked on his account. I used the old matchmaking-log-out-log-in trick to paste his data directly onto my account (after backing my account up, of course). Then, I opened a profile data editor to change every stat back to the stats I had originally! Yes, this meant lots of manual number crunching. This also means that I can copy my profile data onto your account and unlock the flame retro lancer for you too!

This also means that if you want your stats back, you will have to backup your account and reset your stats back to what they were before I modified them. I’m not doing the number crunching for you. Here’s the link for the profile data editors you will want to use:

Here is the player data editor:

And the GPD editor (en espanol):

I don’t care about the freaking stats, just give me the skin!!

  1. Back up your data. (If you don’t do this, you’re a fool.)

  2. Message me on Xbox live (My username is DeathKontrol) and request this service. You need an Xbox live account (Doesn’t have to be gold though). No dummy profiles.

  3. Send me your profile, trust me, and don’t trip out if I’m not done in 30 minutes.

  4. Just plug in and play. I don’t have every skin unlocked yet (I still got some onyx to go), but you can unlock those yourself. If you want me to check the box for every skin, let me know and I’ll do it.

I want my stats. How do I do it?

  1. Back up your data.

  2. Message me on Xbox Live (My username is DeathKontrol) and request this service. You need an Xbox live account (Doesn’t have to be gold though). No dummy profiles.

  3. Just give me your profile already.

  4. When you get your profile back, you can either use it as-is, with my stats, or follow steps 4-11 and change them back to your original stats.

  5. Put your PlayerStorage and profile onto a flash drive, put the flash drive in your computer, open Horizon, and extract both files to a folder.

  6. Make a copy of the player data editor folder. Open both folders, and open the player data editor once from each folder. I will explain why shortly.

Note: You can actually skip using the player data editor and just use Horizon, however, Gears 3 has hidden stats that Horizon doesn’t know about, so some stats will be off. For example, Horizon doesn’t have “Retro lancer stab kills.” So you might go back and find your retro lancer has 400 kills total and 1000 stab kills. Not my problem. If you don’t care about these stats, just use Horizon and forget about the player data editor.

  1. On one program, open your backup. On the other program, open the new file. The stats should all be different. The player data editor has a hidden data folder that saves your session, this is why you need to open it twice from two different folders. I tried to open the thing up twice from the same folder and mod all my stats, and when I put my profile back into the Xbox, all my stats were wacky, like all my medals were onyx and one medal even had like 750 counts of onyx.

  2. Read off your stats from your backup and change every stat by hand on your new profile. Save often.

  3. If you want the epic skins, extract the necessary GPD from your profile, open the GPD editor, and check both the epic employee and gears 3 developer box, then save.

  4. When you’ve changed every stat or at least every stat that you care to change, save, quit, and inject the new files back into your flash drive using Horizon. SAVE EVERYTHING IN HORIZON (Save, rehash, resign), BOTH the profile AND the PlayerStorage.

  5. Put it back into your Xbox and see what happens.

  6. Let me know if there’s a problem.


My Xbox username is DeathKontrol


This is a draft. It will be revised as needed. Hopefully this service will work out for people. Seriously, it’s free, and I have no good reason to steal your account. And I don’t think the gears team cares enough to try to ban people for profile modding anymore, everybody walks around with epic skins and developer medals now.

Buying/Selling/Trading isn’t allowed here, I would edit anything related to that out of your post.

Do you need the account or just a file? You should also add some proof because this sounds like a scam.

Thank you, done. I guess I don’t quite know the rules :smiley:

OK, I could take some pictures of my account with the skins unlocked, if that would help. Not sure how else I could give proof. You can see that I don’t hang out on Horizon forums very much so I guess I don’t have a lot of credibility.

Really this thing was a major pain in the butt for me to figure out and nobody was there to help me so since I finally figured it out, I just wanted to turn around and return the favor to anyone out there who still needs it.

I could try to do it with just the account files, but I will need to log in to the account to do the bait and switch trick, so I figure I’ll probably need the password to log in. I certainly understand your suspicion. Not sure how I could verify my honest intentions but if there’s anything you think I should add to give me more credibility, let me know.

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or just ude the gpd editor and unlock everything …

That is correct, except the flame retro lancer cannot be unlocked via GPD editor, since it wasn’t tied to any achievement and you can’t see whether or not it’s unlocked in the “weapon skins” tab in stats and awards (only the other 4 flame skins are here). It is tied to the hidden “Golden Wings Week” ribbon, which also cannot be unlocked via basic modding, IE Horizon or GPD editor