Gears Of war 3 Bans

ok so i have been trolling some other sites like TTG etc
and i noticed alot of people claiming they were being banned for playing the gow3 Beta and one person went as far as to say he got console banned for playing it but i dont believe that MS would go that far. what are your thoughts??

so if you have been Banned Post Below only post if you know for sure that your account/console were not flagged before

The image above is stating that codes from Expert zone will come with a ban from gears of war 3 beta and the full game

I call fake and ghey, I played for 6 hours last night and I’m not banned.

I dont want to be… -_-

Have they verified being banned?

I doubt he got console banned, and until someone posts proof of being banned for the Gears beta, I don’t believe it.

i have not been banned either but i thought it would be nice to see what people thought

You will get banned for it, that’s pretty obvious.

Your a troll and not a good one lol. Only the people who used the expertzone codes will be banned. If you used cody’s DL in the Diamond section your safe because his was a legit code.

Omg… this happens with everything thats leaked for example the MS point scandal:

  1. Free MS points
  2. Do you think they’ll ban?
  3. OMG Troll says he was banned
  4. Everyone freaks out and gets paranoid
  5. No one gets banned

Not being a jerk. People are already posting there thoughts on cody’s post about it.

My thought.
If you downloaded it to your USB/HDD then i see a reason. "but how “exactly do they know”

If you used xpertzone, they gave you the code before VERIFYING you worked for “wal-mart”
Its an exploit, that is not worse, but more understandable than the MSP glitch.

Microsoft doesn’t know you’re not a VIP. I’m on the new Dashboard and I’ve had it since the 13th, no bans. It’s a scare tactic.

You don’t need to use the beta downloader if you have Bulletstorm…

agree with you 100%

they said this about the black ops maps. i don’t know if anyone got banned but i didn’t and i played them for a while. I did the MS glitch i didn’t get banned and i got around 10k MS

Cody’s Gears 3 beta has the 500mb download when start up right?

Codys beta kept freezing my xbox… I might try again later, but does it make a difference? lol i have already been playing on the XPZ beta,

Been playing since 6 PM to now and nothing. ( I did take breaks (Sleep) )

I was in the party with the person who got console banned so yeaah he did get console banned and also the adminstrators over at the gears of war forums even say if you do this you get banned from the beta and even the full game so nuff said go read codys thread about it on TTG

You do realize without proof, no one’s going to believe you? Just a heads up.

You got it mixed. Cody is giving you an acc to use with it (I think) (Higher chance of ban if any) and we used a legit code too, have a nice day.

You do realize theres a full thread of this on TTG? actually showing epic staff themselves saying you get banned for doing it so theres your heads up