Gears of War 3 Beta+Download+Proof

Look heres a download to the Gears of War 3 Beta, my friend sent the download to me over aim i do not know where he got it from but it does work.

So sorry but i do not know who to give credit to.
EDIT: I think he got it from Xbox 360 ModZ so credit to

The Beta has no maps on it you will have to download them with the update on April 18th i think, i dunno.

Beta Doesent start till April 18th so you can’t play it right now…

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Proof(just uploaded with my iPhone so it could be bad quality):

VirusTotal - Free Online Virus, Malware and URL Scanner for virus scan if you don’t trust me :cry:

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damm thanks

Thanks man <3

lol wow. Did not expect it this early.

EDIT: I know this is just the download with no extra features. Just didnt expect it to be leaked this soon.

how you did find this? source?

Xbox 360 ModZ
i think my friend got it from there but im not sure i just found that site on google so cheers.

it doesn’t have any maps so don’t get to excited we are gonna have to download the maps when the betas maps are determined.

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already posted man

lol this is in the diamond downloads here

lol sad face alright ima contact an admin now to close or delete this thread :confused:

LoL we can haz beta? wish i was diamond

why you can still download this one

When I Do This The Game Just Freezes Before The Epic Games Thing :anguished:
Please Help :smile:

kink already posted this.

Yea same thing happens to me :anguished: any help on this?

Don’t use Modio. I had the same error. It’s confirmed to be working with Party Buffalo and USB XTAF.
Btw, according to Tucker, you can get banned for this… :expressionless:

Oh I had my brother do it while I was gone and he used modio :confused: and I wont do it again until it comes out incase I get banned

In the diamond only section… but now all free members can see it.