Gears of War 3 Beta Downloader Leaked

Chances are if you are a fan of the Gears of War series you will be getting excited about the Gears of War 3 Beta. If you want to get right in to the action the second the beta goes live (unfortunately we can’t tell you that). The downloader will run on any Xbox 360 console, regardless of if it is modified or not. Anyone with an Xbox Live Gold membership can inject the downloader in to a USB drive and download the beta the second it goes live, without the need to pre-order Gears 3 or buy Bulletstorm.


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i have the link if yall wnat it i dont know if i can post it once i have the ok to post i will but its not tht hard to find follow the sources

Its already been posted atleast twice :confused:

can you give us a link LOL

Ha don’t do this if you did the Microsoft glitch, they will be looking at your account and find any reason to ban you :confused:

could someone send me the link for this?


Remove if u dont want it mods

There are several tutorials on the forum.

noob newsbot

its already on my HDD now come-on release date :stuck_out_tongue:

does this mean we can play it now?

No, you can get it now but you still have to wait until April to acctually play it.

Silly newsbot. Tricks are for kids.

It was leaked 3 days ago lmao link

Thanks Alot

Much love


it crash when i start it why?

-.-’ I bought the epic edition for nothing? >.>

can someone post the DL link thats not in a .RAR file?

the beta isn’t live yet, so you can’t play it. the beta starts up around mid-April.