Gears of War 3 Beta - How to get all bots

So this thread is how to play just against bots on Gears of war 3 Beta

Its very simple to do and very fun

it helps you to train

and also get used to the game

and still level up! earn XP

To do this either use

  • Net tools 5 (lag switch is)
  • or download something
  • or watch a long youtube video

this helps you get a bad connection witch then puts you into a game as HOST!

Okay very simple steps

  • Just before you search for a game Start the Lag/youtube video/ download
  • as soon as you click that. search for a game
  • then it may take some time to put you in a game , but just wait!
  • Down the side it should have all 4 ticked boxes if they are, your the host and have bots against you!
  • Then you should now have bots with you and against you!

~All Credit Goes To~

Credit to -SOX- at TTG

Seems like a lot of work for just a beta.

this won’t work when they have dedis on…

It does work the now though, and you should give credit for the topic you stole…

The Tech Game - How to Play With Just Bots | STILL LEVEL UP | Easy|FoundByMe

Anyone confirm?

I can confirm, leveled up from 8 to 11 in an hour or so. Great to rank up and get gun challenges. :thumbsup:

I did

This happened to me yesterday, I was downloading some movies, that’ why. I was playing with my friend who sucks at Gears and he was doing so good, he had no idea we were going against bots.

As Smiffy said, if dedicated servers are on this WON’T work.

This wont and doesnt work, waste of time

this happened to me before this tutorial. I was like wtf only bots but now I know why because I must of been downloading something at the time.

How does one know when the dedicated servers are on?


If you went to the dashboard or booted the BETA “AFTER” April 19th, you are ON dedicated servers.

thanks for… repeating what someone said?..


I played with bots yesterday for the first time. Then I tried later today and it wouldn’t put me in a game.

So basically this doesnt work anymore?

If you have Strict NAT you have a chance of this happening too, because your inability to connect to other matches.

Well this sucks balls the one time i need my internet to suckballs it wont =[

Lol… I have to put my 360 in the DMZ to make it work right… so I just take it out and I go insta strict. xD Plus using my Net tools I lag it enough to not join a match I get a whole server to myself for around 6 match’s before someone finally gets in.:lol: