Gears of War 3 Beta Modding/Hacking?

I was wondering if anybody figured out how to hack/mod for your level yet. Im not gonna buy the game, so if I get banned from it who cares… so does anybody know how to do it?

My Player Data - PlayerStorage.dat

Yea dood let me put my l33t heckor skillz to the test ~DESU~

why did you even get the beta if ur not getting the game…

Because we all got the beta for free and its fun :stuck_out_tongue:

well why did he get the beta he must not even like the game or anything i think he just got it to get it -_-waste

How is it a waste if he got it for free? more like a win :wink:

now your sounding like charlie sheen

Now your sounds like a troll…

Lets not flame guys.

Ontopic: I don’t think there are any mods out yet.

for ur sig banner do u have a twitter 1 or point me where i can find more like that

the playerstorage file is useless… the exp are on the profile, or its saved ond their servers
(wich servers?.. i don’t know… but i was playing the beta by a friend(with my profil) and the level and weapons were overwritet… so have a look to your profil…
good luck

Already tried. Your EXP is in there but once you go online it checks it and make sure it matches your last online EXP.

Is this the first game that is smart and will block XP mods?

Via save modding yes I think so.