Gears of War 3 easy 100 NO MOD

[details=Open Me][/details]Can anyone help me here ive found out from an inside source
that in Act 2,Chapter 2 or 3 that at the end of the level you can reload checkpoint and as doing on Insane with Hard mutators you will get alot of XP. Can anyone Validate for me that this works? Please and Thank you< 3.

I bet you can get some nice amounts, doubt it’s going to get you that far.


yeah i’m doing it right now, at the last part, when you go through the gate, and the chapter ends, a cutscene will start, as soon as it starts, hit pause, and reload last checkpoint, rinse and repeat
and oh yeah, it’s act 2 chapter 2

who is this “insider source”?

and i might give this a shot later.

@mnaltner Thank you

what sort of XP are we talking?

Doing this for an hour or two the other day it got me from level 79 to 83 with the help of getting a few onyx medals

I played for an hour and made like 124000 XP

@KiiNGCHRONiiC Who did you hear this from?

Could have sworn I seen this on here last week. Does work though…

PureTalentOfficial’s Channel - YouTube

This sounds awesome! Will probably try it later :smile:

check this video


Would you get banned for this?

Like everyone says there’s always a chance, but I have never heard of epic banning anyone for “boosting”, the worst you might get is a reset, maybe, and that’s only if you jump like 15 to 20 levels (high levels) in a day.

  • insane
  • 3 mutators (+10% each)
  • 29 kils
  • +70000 points
  • after 15 times 12000 exp.

yes is right u can get a ton of XP ! but u must be patient :smile:

Yes it works I’m about to do it.

gonna do this

just get a programmable controller, hook it up to run up right wait 10 seconds start restart, and loop :smile: