Gears of War 3 Everything Unlocked Save

So… I read in another thread that it might be possible to use someone elses save to unlock characters and weapon skins in the beta/retail game. I already have everything unlocked and I’ve decided to upload my save. [details=Open Me]Megaupload -
Rapidshare -[/details]

This save has all Characters and Weapon Skins unlocked, including all Flaming Weapons, The Golden Retro Lancer and The Chrome Hammerburst.

EDIT: It’s in a spoiler so guests can’t use it. :3 But I’m not sure if they can use links, anyway.

I’m so glad I started this with every one on this we should be able to hack it

We need some one to do a tut on how to extract ur gears 3 beta content so we have more testers =)

I would, but I have a kinda thick Scottish accent. >.< Not too many people would understand everything I say.

Testing it in a second

Doesn’t seem to be working :confused: gonna play a match and see if that helps

Doesn’t Work :confused:

Awwh. >.<

Oh well. D: Thanks for testing, though.

******ed suggestion: Maybe it’ll work in the retail game.

im going to test here shortly.
If I succeed prepare for a tutorial

I still do not have the beta ) :

Today is the last day…

And no luck. I think we have to do something with the GPD also. But its encrypted ?

Sorry to bump up this old thread but I have been following convos on Twitter between Epic and people who have deleted their saves. They confirm that all the data for the unlocks is in the save and nothing is cross checked with the server.

If people have a good save with everything please do upload it as many of us might find it useful when the game is out.

Re-uploaded. :smile:

I have been following twitter convos from Epic staff and it seems that only a save is needed for all the unlocks and the beta medal. There is also a thread on their site about this and they confirm that there is no record on the profile itself (GPD) or Server.

The save will obviously not work in the beta if someone else uses it but there might be a scanning mechanism in game that checks the save for unlocks. Thanks to the OP for being kind enough to re-upload his save.

8 years old probably link dead. Gonna lock