Gears of War 3 - Halloween Event (Microsoft Promotion) - October

Rod Fergusson has announced that Microsoft is hosting the “Promotion” in October,
Since Halloween is in October and the skin is related to a halloween theme, it has been claimed to be the “Halloween Microsoft Promotional Skin”

So, this will get us the green skins? I really hope it does, don’t have the money to buy another Gears related thing.

The have not confirmed it is the “Green Skin”,
But they have confirmed it’s FREE!

It’s always good if it’s free! :smiley:

Sorry my bad I read it wrong,
They said the “Green Skin has been delayed by MS until October”.

So yes,
Green Skin.

Yay. It looks nicer than all the others, apart from the golden gnasher.

I liked the EPIC skin, now named under: “Liquid Metal Skin”.
I like it more than the “Green Skin” as it looks like a nice shiny metal effect.
Which I think makes your look more professional.

I never saw a clear image of it.

I bet the green skin will be saint patricks day seeing that they have an in game mode for when it come round. (For those of you reading that thinking whutt? In the game files you can find event heads in there such as the bunny head from the beta for Easter. And a pumpkin head for Halloween.)

Gotta admire Epic, always going one step further. :smile:

That sounds more reliable,
Green = Green Skin.

I think you’ve guessed it!

And ye,
Since Halloween already has a “FANCY” item,
I suppose they wont add another one.

It’s in October when it released though, not March…

Nice hopefully its that green skin it looks s**y on the lancer

I wish more games did this stuff. It’s fun and free so it’s a win for everybody. Plus it isn’t the biggest challenge for devs to add one skin.


it comes down to what the skin is and how its used as many things can get affected by a simple design

Am I gonna be Santa for Christmas?

well yeah…but it’s not a challenge really compared to other stuff, people make skins on mods
all the time.

true its not a time consuming challenge but you would have to tweak the skins a little so they look good for each different type of lightning used in the game

Any word on the purple one ?

I think that it has a Snowman head for that…

Hell Yeah!!