Gears of War 3 Hardcore Campaign Save

Has completed campaign on Hardcore. (Done in co-op if that counts.)
100% save coming within the next 48 hours.


thank you very much … defo going to use this :smile:

Thanks for the save but what do mean exactly when you say 100% save? Also whats the best way of getting a campaign save off an Xbox 360 Slim because campaign files can’t be transfered between storage devices.

you move instead of copying lol

100% save means 100% completed gamesave. Anyway thanks Cody!

@Dan218 thanks I finally realized that lol

@Uzi I was wondering if 100% also included the cog tags and other stuff.

you use a USB Flash Drive and move the file to usb.

The last checkpoint to this save would be awesome

so you wont get the achievements? since you have to finish the last checkpoint on your own profile.

It was just a suggestion, that way others don’t have to do all of the last Ch. fights, just do the final objective after the last checkpoint (like the one for Gears 2)…i have most of the achievements and Ch. completed will be doing the final one tonight and completing the campaign on hardcore (my own, not this save)

I would think it could be done as a simple save and quit, once you get the last checkpoint

gonna need a tutorial modio wont open this

is this corrupted? anyone?

No, you just have to change the IDs, use Horizon.

ok i did horizon, and i passed the last mission queen monster chick hammered her good lol and did not unlock unarmored marcus.

i noticed this does not have all acts completed 100% it just has that last mission completed every other missions are locked except the first mission and the prologue.

any one else tried this?

Uh hummmm… Spoilers… hide them… It’s a gamesave not a GPD it will only do certain things…

Yeah a save will just complete the campaign on the level its done on, a GPD will unlock certain perks, for like the Gears 2 one the lvl 100 and a few others…if someone post their GPD save then you will get all that they got

but wouldnt you get banned for this?

Not for a save, unless you haven’t gained any achievements, because this will pop up a few…this is just best to use for those who have already done it on casual/normal, and just want to do away with the hassle of running through it again on hardcore

does anyone have an insane game save at the same point

tks in advance

I do man but we cant get it to work