Gears of War 3 help

After modding what I needed to, I saved the player data to my usb. I saw the player data in the storage, but when I start up the game it doesn’t use it and it creates a new player data.

Haven’t used Horizon in a long time.

Uhm, did you remember to save, rehash and resign?

are you remembering to move thee fiile back to the hard drive and then when starting game choose hard drive to run game off good luck

No I have it on my usb, then moved it to my cloud. does that make a difference?
I thought data was data it doesn’t matter where it’s stored.

I would assume so since Gears of War: 3 scans for items in the hard drive every time one gets on the game, but than again I don’t use the Cloud feature on my Xbox and so wouldn’t know if for any other game it’d make a difference. (I don’t have a purpose for it)

I’d suggest just trying everything out and if nothing seems to work than come back and we’ll try to help.

I edited my GoW:3 stats awhile back so I’ve tended to forget a few things when it comes to doing so, but I had no problems at the time, when everything was fresh in my mind.

Best of luck!

It didn’t work :anguished:

Do you want me to help you through Teamviewer hands on, I will just check further into your problem and see if I can fix it for you can enjoy playing GOW3 with your mods wanted.


And it’s stats mod not gameplay mods

Teamviewer is a program that let’s me take control of your computer to help you with your problem. The program is 100% safe you can stop me from controlling your computer at anytime.

Download Teamviewer

Ok I downloaded it.

Okay when you open it you should get two numbers, the first one consisting of numbers and the second one consisting of either numbers and letters.

Private message me both of those numbers.