Gears of War 3 - How to AFK Boost 4 Onyx Medals!


Gears of War 3 - How to AFK Boost 4 Onyx Medals!


You’ll need the following:

  • Yourself
  • A Wired Controller or Plug & Play

Quick text tutorial:

  1. Set up the game so it’s Warzone or Execution, you can alter the settings just insure that you have 1 round and time limit set to 1, also ensure you have 2 bots.
  2. Once in the game lobby, just start the game up and go and do what you need to do!

Onyx Medals you Could Earn:

  • Onyx Veteran Medal (Play 4000 Matches)
  • Onyx Match Winning Medal (Win 3000 Matches)
  • Onyx Warzone and Execution Medal (Play 3000 Warzone or Execution Matches)
  • Battle Mistress (Play as a Female Character 1000 times)

Make sure you have a Wire Controller if not then a wireless will do. With a wired controller you can just leave it there cause it wont turn off. For a Wireless you need to either plug in a play and charge kit., also make sure you have 2 bots on.

Never thought i would see boosting info on this site.

Thanks for the post though :smile:

Thats pretty sweet im do that in the morning and let it go while im at school :thumbsup:

Since a lot of people have been banned/reset for using the Horizon modding tool, not paying attention to going over the top and being noticed, I decided to find a bunch of ways to boost certain onyx medals.

Glad to see you will use this, feel free to like the video!

Ah i see. Good find!

you can use a wireless controller, just unplug the battery pack when the 5 second countdown starts right after you select your weapons and hit start, that way the game won’t pause for your batteries dying

Pretty sick tutorial boss!

will give it a go this weekend

Timed it. takes 135 seconds per 75 exp.
26.7 Rounds per hour
2000 exp per hour
26.7 Matches per hour

Thanks for the tip

Nice tutorial so far ive got 300+ with CTL while i was sleeping =)

Don’t forget if you have a turbo/rapid fire controller, tape down the A button to boost Buttoned Up ribbons for the Covered Medal.

wow new people incase you havent already posted or ive missed it welcome to the site

this method is pretty cool as it’ll log it onto xbox live that you’ve actually did what you’ve unlocked hopefully epic dont see this as a bad thing and start resetting people

I did this as well to unlock Prescott.

I mainly use Warzone, 1 round, 3 mins, Fill, Insane, plug in the play & charge kit and use Anya/Sam.

If you set it to fill you can (usually) earn the ‘Last Man out’ ribbon as well.

Trying now to get the ‘Veteran Gear’ title.

Sucks that most of us are banned from GoW3.

Thanks for this will do this sometime when i am busy.

theres way better methods of doing this and boosting way more medals / ribbons at once, go over to 360achievements and look there.

how can i boost wingman AFK

That would be hard.

Try adding a total of 3 bots, put them onto “casual” difficulty and start the game. Ensure that you have 1 bot and there is one bot alone on another and start the game. Using this should give you the win as having 2 guys alive will result in a win instead of a stalemate.