Gears of War 3 / Judgment Save Modding ban?

Hello guys i read a lot of topics(on WeMod especially) about bans in gears of war 3, but that was 9 years ago when Epic still was caring about it, now we are almost in 2021, and the servers are still online and i thought maybe i will just pop these stupid achievements finally because i can’t stand how bad it looks, through save modding. Anyone tried it recently(like this year or year ago)

We are unable to officially comment on third-party products. Your best bet would be to send a message to the game support team.

Generally, from experience of working in the game industry, when developers move on to a new game they tend to reduce the total number of employed staff for the older games and re-assign them to the newer ones.

However, re-assigning staff doesn’t mean that the game’s terms of use have changed. Though there might be less staff policing the players, that doesn’t necessarily mean you still won’t end up with a ban.

  • Other players may report you when they notice something fishy. Support/report emails/tickets would still be monitored.
  • There may be automatic anti-cheat detection (ie - Giving yourself a lot of money (if you can) which the game has no logged record of you earning legitimately is a dead giveaway).
  • There are usually volunteer moderators. Upstanding members of the community selected by the developers to moderate the game while the paid staff focus their attention elsewhere. These volunteers are usually rewarded with in-game goods and yearly or seasonal physical gifts (posted to their home address) for their services in lieu of being paid.

yea i just wanted to hear from someone tried it recently and got some advices specifically for this game

Hi, how can I get the GOW 3 game, when I search for the game on here, only GOW 4 and judgement pop up