Gears of war 3 match with only bots

Does anyone know any type of glitch or any possible way to get in a match with just myself and bots?

If there is one, eventually it will integrate real players in.

I don’t know, but for the past 50 games I played I have bots

EDIT: Everytime i search a game it puts me with bots. I kind of like playing with bots

make your connection S*** that’s what I try and do and it seems to work :laughing:

Edit: Plus they are having maintenance on their servers right now so it should be pretty easy to get in with only bots :smiley:

can u invite me

I know it won’t let you play with people if you don’t have the same playlists downloaded. Cam you invite me to your game? Bots are great practice

That happened to me a couple of days ago i lagged out of a match then i was in a game with just bots and nobody would join me. The only way anyone could get in my match was if i invited them.

The servers are down for maintenance aren’t they?

Someone has just posted up a thread that they found over on TTG.
You should try out this tutorial, as it may work for you.
Good luck! :smile:

It still lets you find games. They added Trenches back, :thumbsup:

there isn’t really a point considering you would probably be doing this in order to boost your stats but stats wont carry over to retail

i already said it for practice