Gears of War 3 - My Personal Custom Skins

Guys here is video of my menu and my custom skins I have created.

I am nowhere near a developer by trade, but I would like to speak to a Horizon developer to possibly discuss creating a tool to make your own skin (color wheel/texture/etc…)

oh here are the vids…lol

AZ1441 Skins - YouTube

Menu Skins - YouTube

This sounds like a great idea!

Unfortunately, seeming as you said you’d like it possibly seen in Horizon, please read this thread.

It doesnt have to be. It can be stand alone.

Point being have a tool and a color wheel to create it instead of editing .ini files.


Can you do this on retail consoles ?

-.- how should you do this? nope.

need a jtag/dev kit

Is the skin at 1:05 meant to represent the BETA Developer Skin (Ivory)?

This is basically a big no. The tools created are for use on a retail console.

to bad i already posted how to do this f***bag.
and still posted before you.

[b][u]i made this, and he is trying to take my credit


Please don’t listen to this douchebag. Here are the facts…

  1. My videos are my work. He has nowhere near the ability to do multiple textures and colors like me.

  2. If you follow all of this on 7s you will see that he continuously asks me for help. If this was his creation then he wouldn’t need help.

  3. His tutorial is nowhere near how I do my mods.

  4. Look at his content then look at mine. Can he unlock shadow complex skin (not the icon), can he customize plasma, flames? Can he customize the pixels?

The answer is no. The answer is he wanted to be the first to customize skins but he isn’t, nor does he carry the knowledge to. He copies everything.

Bottom line is a mod here said this is of no concern here so this will be my last post in this section.

Sorry guys that this dumb 7s argument spilled over onto here. But if you really want to see who knows what go over there and see my content (which he cannot do) and see his (which i can easily do AND did first)


You two; come on … Let’s not fall out. Nobody cares; it’s not going in the progam at all since it requires a JTAG. I don’t think nobody cares who found it; just a well done to him/her.

You two do this on each others wall, not here.

Horizon was going to get a ISO Explorer o.o

I think you mean SVOD explorer, which is the format installed games use.

^^^ OMG first time i saw eaton on this site…
also i lke these skins alot

If you wanna see this in the tool follow this.