Gears Of War 3 Rank 100 Glitch Service (Free)

Im back doing the profile glitch for anyone who needs it

I will be doing the glitch for anyone and i prefer doing silver accounts so no one feels like there accounts going to be hacked.

Pm me if you want me to talk you through the process of doing this glitch

This glitch will allow you to get my rank/skins/characters/mutators and onyx medals

Any donations aka points or membership would be appreciated but not necessary

Rank 100 Or Red (2nd) reup rank 84

32/32 characters

25/32 weapons skins

13/13 mutators

32 Onyx Medals
Also The Old Guard Medal

Onyx medals:

Active Reloader
Match Winner
War Supporter
Field Service
Gnasher Shotgun
Battle Mistress
For The Horde
I’m A Beast
Field Engineer
King Of Cog
Number 1
For The Horde

The proof isn’t the best of quality’s so i recommend you put it in 480p to get the best possible quality you can but it shows me doing the glitch yesterday 13/1/2012 after the recent update



use this for ur video [*M] [/*M] without the *

why don’t you just use the editer in horizon ? lol so much less pain…

This way your less likely to get banned then modding it with horizon, Ive been looking and people who have been modding with horizon have been getting banned but no bans so far with this glitch

Ok, Thanks :smile:

nice but i like get my own skill i am 98lvl .

I understand, This is my personal data so ive got all the way to rank 100 but there’s some people who want to skip all the hard work :wink: so im here to help hehe

okay, but if you mod right you won’t get banned i’e been lvl 100 with just about legit stats and unlock all -.- not a ban yet alot simpler and very easy

just saying…

I know and i appreciate the help it’s just i don’t have diamond and most people don’t like the thought of modding due to the recent bans but they don’t mind a glitch or two, It only takes me 2 minutes to recover account and transfer data. I don’t mind doing silvers to prove i can do it thats if you didn’t believe the video :smile:

Well in that case good luck with this hope you help everyone who needs it :smile:

Thanks for your kind words :smile:

What is the point isn’t gears going COD?(prestige)

Yes but you need to be rank 100 to do it, This glitch allows you to gain rank 100

At the end of the day the easier way to rank up is mod your Horde rounds to 100,000, play 1 round, get all the xp, then mod it back down aswell as your Horder medal down to whatever it was. Much simpler.

how do u do this??

99% You get banned using that


@xEMx Ecko

Id be up for a bit of cross account pollination!! when and where?

True, but 99%? No. I’ve used the tool and made my stats look legit. Still no ban.

ill let you give it a go on mine