Gears of War 3 Skin Mod?

Is there anyway we could just mod the skins? I mean they are on the disk already, so there has to be a way to make it think that we have bought them? Come on Cheater help us out?

agreed, it really shouldnt be that hard new horizon tool possibly? we had one for gears 1 and gears 2, we have to have one for gears 3

Give it time , GoW3 isn’t even out yet.

but tejbz , and alot of people already have it … plus epic are already making an TU for gears 3 …:lol:

Not a good idea epic stated they will be banning for any mods I mean I’d love to mod skins but I don’t wanna get banned

Possible indeed,
Rank not.

The skins unlock even if playing offline so yes a tool COULD be made.
Also the Horde and Best mode is not possible since every time you play a new game it resets it to $1000

The skins are able to download off the xbox website.

Gears of War 3 -

The crimson omen lancer skin is also there.

tejbz and other people probably got the just like they got to play MW3 first

Why are Video Games so expensive nowadays? I can’t stand it. I get a tank of gas for the price of a video game.

I know what it feels like. What is worst is most of the addons are just about/or are more expensive than the game itself.

Still waiting to see if the skins are possible :sunglasses:

You can mod skins,
Not UNLOCK skins, but you can change the skin which is in current use.
One of my friends is going to make a HxD tutorial on how to get the Liquid Green Microsoft (XBOX) Skin.

Skin Color? Michael Jackson - Black Or White - YouTube

LOL im the dumb ass who purchased them all if anyone needs my save to see if it can be modded i will uploaded it

Send it to Cheater912.

He’ll get cracking it. :smiley:

Ok I will send it to him

I did the same thing as well, I planned on buying a couple of skins on release and then I was like “**** it” and bought the whole pack, it was like $45 of MSP well spent. >.<

if you follow the xboxmb facebook page, you’d know that a lot more than just skins has been looked into ;p

I see nothing on the facebook page about it, although I’m probably not looking hard enough like usual.

EDIT: Derp on the Horizon FB page. Thought so.


But I really want to see if they cracked the XBOX skin. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just want the badge mod so I can get my freakin’ Seriously 3.0, ain’t no ****ing way I’m gunna let some kid kill me 5 times over and over just for 1 damn kill.
and there is no damn way I’ll EVER get the onyx medal for sawed off kills. :expressionless: