Gears of War 3 Stat Editor Fixes and Troubleshooting

Alright, as soon as Cheater gets up we’re going to figure out some of the problem. For now here’s what I suggest to possibly solve some problems and bugs.
-Before removing your device and modding your playerdata make sure you Dashboard.
-If you want to avoid freezing, try not maxing all of your stats. Instead max your rank and unlock all your characters, weapons and skins, but don’t max all of the other stats. ( I’m not 100% on this, but this might be similar to when we had an issue with Horde during testing where it would freeze if we maxed everything automatically.)
-If you are setting your rank, and it’s giving you a higher or lower rank. Make sure you set your XP correctly, do that here. Gears of War Calculator

If you have anymore bugs or problems post below, and I’ll see if I can help you.

I Maxed mine out and it works fine but it takes 15mins to load a party

We have a XP page,

After moded it It taking way to long to reset it.and the max settings needs to be lowred :smile:

Oh my i may wait till the bugs are fixed before i buy diamonds

The editor closes itself. ):

Cheater is on now, hopefully he can fix this…

I need help… I modded a few things and when I got a kill, it froze my xbox. So I used my backed up, NON MODDED, PlayerStorage and it still freezes when I get a kill. Any suggestions??

Every one includeding me has this issue your screwed :anguished:

Brb, lynching myself.

Just don’t completely max it. If you just mod them up a bit you’ll be fine.

Just re-edit your stats to a more legit\lower number manually, that’s all I had to do to fix the freezing issue.

I did that and it’s still freezing me up. BUT… every time I sign in now, it says I’m a level 36. I didn’t even mod myself to that and I wasn’t that originally. So I’m gonna try to mod my XP to a level 36 and see what will happen.

This did not work… :anguished: So I have no idea what to do now. If anyone has ANY suggestions, please let me know! < 3

You can max out medals. Just not ribbons.

All i did was add 4 Ribbons to 1 in which I had 0 of and my game froze twice and stayed at main loading screen multiple times, I still need to check online gaming its been a few hours sicne i tried

Online should be back up. It was restored about an hour or so ago. I don’t think the editor was the cause of it not finding matches. You should be good now.

My stats aren’t going back to normal. I keep putting in my unmodded back of my PlayerData and it still freezes and the stats are still modded. Does anyone know how to put it back to normal?

could there not be an option for setting kills and deaths to make it easier as everytime i change it it goes to like 0.6 lol and my headshots,downs,assists dont work

Lol, i originally had a 4.2 KD now it went to 1.2 Would definitely like that because my deaths and kills don’t add up to the leaderboards… All i did was mod the flame weapon skins…sigh