Gears of War 4 Cheats and Trainer for Xbox

They could fix the infinite life thing or add the god mode not to receive damage because the trainer is really working quite badly

On the maximum difficulty “Inconceivable” the damage is greatly increased and they can kill you depending on what weapon they use and how far away the enemy is, you could modify the life capacity that they add to the mod or add god mode to not receive damage

The Gears of War 4 cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Hey all, just built my PC a couple of months ago and wemod was a huge part for me making that jump. So thank you all to who works on these trainers/mods. Just wanted to ask if these mods are supposed to be able to work in horde mode in a private lobby?

Couldn’t get it to work on my end, but the mods work just fine in campaign. Maybe I’m doing something wrong I’m unaware of. Any help would be greatly appreciated