Gears of War Collection Giveaway [Xbox One]

This collection includes Gears of War, Gears of War 2, Gears of War 3, and Gears of War Judgement!

Simply post one suggestion you have for the forum and one suggestion for ways to spend WePoints to enter!

Your answers don’t matter, the giveaway is random!


This one is a suggestion for the forums but relates to wepoints, maybe every 50 likes or something you get wepoints, and maybe spend them on entering giveaways,. Also, end date of this?


For the forum it would be nice to see who’s online like we could in the past on HorizonMB & XboxMB. It was nice to know if you messaged someone you would most lkeley hear back from them momentarily if they were online when you messaged them.

As far as WePoints go, like Hawk mentioned for entering giveaways. Or if you guys had some flash games you created that we could use points to play here on site, ultimately for a chance to earn prizes every month. Prizes could include more WePoints, or physical gifts like stickers or t-shirts etc… Maybe let members choose a gift or to let their WePoints stack up for a chance to use them for a better prize in the future. Kind of sounds like a carnival game. But it could work and be a lot of fun for us active members.

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I´m bumping the idea of more uses for WePoints, they might be a good insentive for users to stick around more ,they could be used for things that have no profit too (flash games, personalization), ¿maybe add a casino hub?, or entering giveaways and the creator gets 50%ish of the points,so the pros and diamonds could maintain relevance.

Now this might be a silly idea, since the design is nice as it is, but if WP could be visible in the community hub, or maybe an icon so those users could be reminded of the existence of WP.

ps: WP= WePoints.
ps2: i forgot to mention I dont own a xbox so im not participating in the giveaway.

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1,000,000 WePoints nets you a free T-Shirt! Consider that my entry :slight_smile:

@Zach did you forget about this?