Gears of War Judgement Exclusive Paintball and Cobweb Skin! (Update)

1. You would need to join: Retail Sales Training and Loyalty Community | Microsoft® ExpertZone

2. Once done, you would need to verify some type of employment, I believe it’s either a wal-mart or stores similar to it.

Note: This skin is very hard to get, I rather not waste my time seeing as I am not employed at a wal-mart or any other stores similar to it.

Option 1.

1. Pre-order Gears of war: Judgment from any EB games store.

2. Mention to our staff that you want to crack the code.

3. Scan your EB world card.

4. You will than receive an exclusive code for the Cobweb skin!

Option 2 (New zealand only)

  1. Pre-order from here: Gears of War: Judgment Screenshots - 1 of 7 at Mighty Ape NZ

Well that’s dick hole… Guess I’m not getting those unless someone wants to trade one for a US exclusive.

Wow. Thanks for this. But where exactly do I get the skins from?

I managed to join ExpertZone, completed the Gears of War: Judgement course, but still did not receive the code. Am I doing something wrong?

You need to confirm your employment…

Hopefully this works for UK, I am waiting on verification being processed.

Did the same thing there gonna ask for you’re pay stub later on and it takes like 5 days to get verified. In the end I was like cheater and the team will probably have a tool to edit all the skins so I said **** it.

Is anyone able to provide some details for employment (store ID, etc)?

That wouldn’t matter as you need to provide a paystub as real “PROOF”.

i used to work at a walmart. use store number 1211 works every time

Ah okay, didn’t realise that, thanks. :smile:

You’re probably right haha, might as well just wait. :smile:

Hopefully a mod tool for judgement will be released to unlock these (and hopefully not recieve a ban).

Does not work in the UK.

i bought mi paintball skin from a guy johnny the machine in the cheapassgamer trading site he has pretty good rep too

same i have RGH and every skin for GOW all thanks to a 360iso member :smile:

So is there a delay in receiving the code?

I’ve been a member on expert zone for awhile, photoshopped my own gamestop paystub and it seemed to have been working for months now, they have good exclusives. Gonna check out the GOW item though, thanks.

So how do I get to the paystub? I took the course and have the store number. Am I missing something?

I sent you a Voice Message