Gears of War Judgement Online Multiplayer Demo

Not my file found at S7 Play at your own risk.

Main - Download gowj demo rar
Mirror - DepositFiles

Gears of War Judgement - Online/Multiplayer Demo/Beta FREE (Early Access) - YouTube

Just saw this on TTG, Mexican’s… :wink:
Personally, I wont be using this because I’m fine with my Xbox LIVE account not having the risk of suspension and also I can wait. (Y) :smile:

This is spreading like a virus its everyware

Can anyone check if its safe or not.

LOL, why don’t YOU check it?

Why should someone else do it.

Demo’s released on 16th isn’t it? It’s only 3 days, may as well wait.

Its only the Overrun demo?

Not worth the risk.

I officially love our Mexican brothers now.

ima wait till i see someone else playing it online

Gunna try it on a different account on my other xbox :smile:

We shouldn’t get banned since the beta came out in mexio.

Please post the result. Thanks

its safe

They won’t ban instantly though, Epic usually ban within 48hrs.

Proof please.

I’m trying to remember…but didn’t they ban some people who injected the GOW3 beta?

I recall something about this but didn’t pay much attention as I had Bulletstorm anyway.

no EPIC was threatening that they were going to ban people using the USB trick but nobody was

Yeah my mate did that and it annoyed me because I didn’t want to do it and he got a message from XBL saying “You helped make GoW3 better, thanks for partaking in the beta” or something. :confused:

How are you even supposed to download this? Keeps telling me I got the captcha wrong?

Well I just finish playing a match and Im still good I will upload a vid and or pic soon.