Gears of War multiplayer beta?

They said it would be available today to play, but where?! I must know!

Also Gears 4…I just can’t…I’m still crying…


Gears 4 gameplay:

According to the beta FAQ, you signup on, but I can’t find anything for it :anguished:

EDIT: Sign into you microsoft account on, and click register for beta!

I got a message on XBL from MS with a redeem code, check there. Didn’t even sign up for it.


Oh my, I need to upgrade consoles now!

Lucky, I signed up but it said it could take up 24 hours to get my code :anguished:

If you want mine, feel free to PM me. I won’t be using it.

24 hours? Man.

Halo 5, Fallout 4, Gears, what a good day m8

Every time I try to sign up it says there’s a temporary problem?

Never mind :thumbsup:

I just signed up for my two friends and didn’t have any issues, I guess just keep trying.

My download is at 52% as I’m typing this. Thanks again G Man for the code :smile:

How come some people got a code and others had to sign up? I still haven’t gotten the message :anguished:

Oh my God you people need to read the forums and FAQ when you signed up.

You get two codes. A download code and an authorization code. The download code allows you to download the beta itself. The second code allows you to actually play said beta.


It sucks.