I can’t mod gears 3 he’ll I pay for this mod an can’t mod a dame thing I try but it won’t save after I mod it can anyone help m(e

he’ll dame m(e?


Maybe it’s the Horizon you’re using? Uninstall it and download from here

What exactly are you modding from Gears 3? I suggest maybe backing up your saves that are on your USB, then format it, add all the old saves back and try modding the Gears 3 Save again.

Back when I used to assist others on Philymaster’s Gears of War thread I came to the realization that majority of people trying to modify the game failed doing so when on the “Rehash & Resign” step. So, my advice to you is to take it slow, make sure you do every step and I’m sure you’ll have zero issues. (There have been a multitude of people, including myself, that have modified the game using said tool and so I don’t think the tool would just stop working.)

Best of luck and report back to this thread if you continue to have any issues!