General suggestion: Always-Activate cheats

With any given game, there’s usually one or two cheats I always use. In most, I hate scrambling for ammo so that’s the one I use all over.

It’d be great if I could check a box next to certain cheats and, as soon as wemod hooks into the game data, it automatically activates those. Maybe make that a Pro feature?


That’s a great idea. But in the mean time, you can re map most of your most used cheats to an easy to press button. For example, in Dragonball Z: Kakarot, I like having Unlimited Health, Unlimited Ki, Instant Support Cooldown, Max Tension, and Unlimited Surge Duration turned on during all gameplay. So I have mapped them all to be turned on as soon as I press F1. I press F1 as soon as the cheats and game connect.

That’s exactly what I do. All the ones I use all the time for all games get mapped to Num-1 (ammo, adrenaline).
And I use num-0 for Health/God/etc if I end up in a fight over my head :slight_smile:

For AC:Valhalla and games that support teleporting, I use num-Dec – would be nice to be able to map that to my mouse’s Fwd button (mouse5?)