Generation Zero

Hi there, Newbie here. Not sure if we can ask for requests or where possible which Topic list it should be on. But is there any possibility we could be a GENERATION ZERO cheat menu.
Just finished SONS OF THE FOREST with some cheats enabled. The game was a little drag without them tbh. I do like games like this though and i would love some GENERATION ZERO ones as the game is kinda similar.

I also make gaming content on Youtube so if anyone of you guys wanna Subscribe it would be a massive help : ill leave the link below :

If the Link broken look for DoubleTapYT

Much appreciated

Hey there!

WeMod appreciates your suggestion for a trainer to be made. Unfortunately, we do not take trainer requests on the forums.

To learn more on how trainers are created, follow the link here - Game Queue

Otherwise, if you are unable to view the link above, trainers are created based on their popularity within the community, which is calculated by how many WeMod members have installed the game (which the WeMod app autmatically detects), and how many WeMod members are following it or have added it as a favourite (by clicking the “Notify me” button or the star icon on the WeMod app).

Have a good day!