Generator in Call of the Dead

I was messing around with no clip on call of the dead, and I seem to have found this generator outside of the map. The Building you see on the right is that shack with stamin up in it. It you want to look at it/shoot it/get to it without mods you have to go to the shack with the stamin up perk in it, look directly at the stamin up perk and look left and go through the door way, go to the window of the left side (1 of 2 windows, just to make sure your in the right place) and you will be able to see it… Go there when theres no fog, if there is fog you will barely see it.

here is a pic a took, you can see it clearly in the water, yes I am outside the map.
Sorry i took the pic with a crappy BlackBerry.

I have tried looking the internet for people that have found this and I have found nothing so I’m going to claim this find :thumbsup:

Very Suspicious Must Lead To Something…

I personally have not played CoTD yet… But is there a generator to turn on? If not, then it’s there just for props.

It is part of the Easter Egg where you have to destroy them

You throw a grenade at it along with 3/4 other i think its part of the achievement to send the crew to paradise

what he said ^^ after you find the fuse and give it to the 4 original characters u have to take down the defense system (the 4 generators)

Underneath the PhD Flopper room, there is a locked door. Once near enough, you will hear Dempsey knocking on the door asking for help. Richtofen explains that the teleporter has been over-used and that they are now trapped inside a dark room, asking the player on the other side of the door for help. Nikolai also becomes sick, puking spontaneously during your conversations.
First Step
The first step is to find a fuse, it’s location is near the PhD Flopper on a desk or in the locker. Once you have it, go back to the door and insert it on the wall on the right.
Second Step
As you completed the first step, there is now light in the room allowing the Original Players to finally see. While discussing, Nikolai accidentally activates the MDT security system. The player must destroy four generators, signaled by four glowing red orbs, disabling the MDT security system. This can be done by any explosive device, however, the Semtex and the Scavenger work best.Third Step
After destroying the generators, Richtofen informs the player about a long pole with fingers (different from step four of multiplayer), and then a mysterious Morse-code light will appear in the distance. The light indicates a specific lever-pulling pattern in the power room.
Fourth Step
The previous steps indicate to set the steering wheel in the power room to the 5 o’clock position and to pull the leftmost lever (located to the right of the wheel) once, and the third lever 2/3 times. A mysterious green light will appear in the lighthouse’s beam.
Fifth Step
"After you have the green submarine light, what I did was kept V-R11 Lazereth’ing them and some of them were being raised into a portal from the green light; I cant be sure if this is what did it, but I went back into the power room and noticed the camera looking device next to the wheel and shot my V-R11 and pack a punched scavenger into the glass as to “magnify it” Needless to say at the bottom of the Lighthouse was a glowing Golden Staff. I picked it up and immediately wrote this out. Here’s some photos for all you crawlers out there." Original post.
Other Steps
This solo easter egg is not further known at the moment.
The End
The crew teleports to Paradise and the player will get a Wunderwaffe DG-2 and an Xbox Live Gamer Picture of Takeo’s profile picture from Shi No Numa. The Wunderwaffe the player receives cannot be pack-a-punched and will be lost when ammo runs out. It is given to the player in the form of the Lightning Bolt.

Source:Original Characters Trapped - The Call of Duty Wiki - Characters, Weapons, Maps, Tips, and anything else Call of Duty

EDIT: This is the single player way to do it.
YouTube - Call of the Dead Stand In achievement All steps!

To send the crew to paradise does not require you to do anything to that certain generator.

Can’t you see this generator from the lighthouse…?

This isn’t anything suspicious or special in any way it’s one of the 4 generators you have to destroy.

I see a rainbow!

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