Genshin impact will be out tomorrow July 9 on epic games

If it comes out for epic someone could put unlimited object cheats
kill in one hit and have it forge or synthesize without requirements
The game itself is fine but it is a joke to obtain all the objects and since the protogems and the other things are paid, it is better not to touch them but I assume that the objects and the above if you could do it
it’s more I’ll pay for it if you really know how to do it

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There will be no trainer for Genshin Impact on any platform.
The reason being because this is an online server-sided game. Trainers are only for offline, user-sided games.


  • This game is full of micro-transactions. Cheaters and cheat creators will likely be sued for theft if cheats allowed them to get certain items or currencies without paying for them.
  • The game’s terms of use clearly state you will be permanently and irreversibly banned for any attempts to cheat.
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If that is true, I do not deny it but even the objects would be illegal: oh my god how is the company MIHOYO hurts since the game is good but very tedious to get farming objects
Thank you very much for your answer

Yes, so-called “free to play” games is just a clever and sneaky way of saying “pay to win”.

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it’s a grind game what did you expect. Grinding means HOURS of sessions searching for specific materials to improve your swords damage by 0,0001 percent. That’s what these kind of games are all about

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Very true guys, but it’s a pain to have to be farming and going up every 2 by 3 :frowning:

Hello, good afternoon
Can someone tell me how this guy does this in genshin impact and they don’t vane him

the youtube channel is called

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It’s a scam.

Video is a fake. You contact him on Discord. He asks for money. You send him money. He blocks you and never sends you the so-called “file”.

You cannot cheat in server-sided online games. Anyone claiming to have cheats is a scammer.

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Ole what would I do without you