Genshin impact

хотел бы вас попросить добавить в библиотеку игру genshin impact , так как в большом случае эта однопользовательская игра, можно добавить простые вещи как телепортация и мульти удары это очень поможет в прогрессе .Прошу рассмотреть этот вариант .



I would like to ask you to add the genshin impact game to the library, since in a large case this is a single-player game, you can add simple things like teleportation and multi-impacts this will help a lot in progress. Please consider this option.

Welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

First of all, please use English here. We have no Russian staff who can assist you.

Second of all, there will not be a trainer for Genshin Impact. Because:

  1. There are too many paywalls in the game. If someone makes cheats for this game there is a very high chance they will be sued for loss of earnings due to players bypassing these paywalls.

  2. Genshin Impact’s terms of use clearly state that you will be banned for using a trainer in the game, even if you stick to single-player modes. So there is no point.