Get Bob Up, Get a Month of Diamond!


That's right boys and girls, Bob is back. He is in a bit of a pickle, again. He needs to get up to the ledge above. He can use whatever he wants to get up there.

To enter edit the image below to get him across the crevice. (View an example at the end of this post.) This contest will have three winners, all based on creativity and originality. If you have one of the most creative images, you will receive a code for month of Diamond. It is up to you how you use it, be it given to a friend. You cannot however give it away on the site again.

Contest closes on Sunday 9th, 9:00 PM GMT.


  • No obscenities allowed and the picture must stay within the rules.
  • No copying eachothers, if two images seem alike the later posted one will be DQed and no direct copying from the previous Bob contest, you may however adapt or improve.
  • One images per person is allowed. You may edit it anyway you please, just post in the format below, you may also change your entry no later than Friday, if you edit your image after Friday you will be DQed.

Only post with entries, any others will be deleted, this includes response or questions. If you do have a question, post on my wall or PM me.



To Edit:
Right click and save image as. Open in an image editor and create!


Description: He is using a ladder to climb up.[/details]


Thanks for zrueda for the idea:

Description: He is using a ladder to climb up.

Description : Bob walking over William.

your 5 years old.

Portal made by me

Failed at the portal colors (should be the light blue and dark blue only or vise avers) :stuck_out_tongue:

Description : My name is William and I like to wear dresses.

EDIT : Why did you delete my last entry.

he is using a jet pack to fly across

Helicopter to fly over:

Jumps down landing on top… IDK

Why should bob have to go to the ledge? Why not the ledge come to bob?

Description: Bob gets thrown up by an Android

He uses his web.

Will power.

Dun delete my entry.

Credit to Jimmy.