Get your desired Prestige WITHOUT insta-ban here!

I am NOT responsible if you DO get banned for this, I did this myself and was not banned, but your fate may not be the same as mine. I can assure you if done correctly you will NOT get an instant ban.

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Step 1:
Download the .gpds.
(Includes .gpds with Prestige 1-15 AND time played.)

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Direct Download (Must be Diamond):


  1. Select your desired prestige.
  2. Inject into your profile. (Make sure it’s named 41560855.gpd)
  3. Rehash/Resign.
  4. Start up console. (BE SIGNED OUT)
  5. Start Black Ops. (REMAIN SIGNED OUT)
  6. Hit Multiplayer. (REMAIN SIGNED OUT)
  7. Hit Xbox LIVE and it’ll prompt you to sign in.
  8. Sign in, let your stats update.
  9. Return to Dasboard.
  10. Start up Black Ops, play one match and get some points.
  11. Delete your account, and then recover it to avoid a ban.
    *Repeat steps 1-11 if you want the 17 days played as well.

Thanks to ZELDA, for non-instant ban method.

Thank you so much for this Cody. You are very helpful to the community and like helping people out!

Thanks for posting this.

thanks for the clarification :]

I got it to work :]

is the recovering process necessary ? I didn’t and im not banned.

Well what that does is, replace the current modded .gpd in your profile with a clean, non-modded one. In case they manually inspect your account.

What Cody said. Also, if you just did it you probably won’t be insta banned but banned in 24-48 hours so recovering is a good idea unless you want to end up like me :anguished: permanent banned on black ops.

i would just to be safe

I got a corrupted profile. :confused: wonder how i messed that up. lol.

I’m perm banned on my main account I believe for modding zombies. :confused:. Never touchd the other GPD’s but whatever. So i’m on a 48hour one of my other mains.

Added Codys thread to my main thread of GPD mods and whatnot: Call Of Duty Black Ops GPD Mods

I may try this…

Thanks, I’ll try this tomorrow on my second account.

how long do you think before this gets patched?

Also @ CODYYYY if i back up my profile before i mod it, and reinsert it after i mod it, isn’t it the same as recovering it?

quite a while…

It’s been out like 6 hours? 7? That’s quite some time for treyarch. I’m impressed.

Correct. I just prefer recovering.

Well I did time played/kill/deaths/wins/losses/prestige so i’m hoping i will be fine. i didn’t play with a modded gpd though. I made sure to change it back, then delete and recover just to be safe

what are chances of a ban?

Insta ban right now .01%

Bans later down the road probably 50/50

How did you mod kill/death and wins/losses. Can’t seem to find it on Xero?

k cus i did the 13 and 17days now im going to recover my account and stuff i dont really care about this game so why not right JUST A GAME fun fun