Getting caught modifying Skyrim

I want to know more about how the process of getting caught happens. I’ve recently read that Microsoft can ban my Live account permanently if they catch me modifying a single save file and I would loose my rights to download all of the games and dlc I have legally purchased since I’ve had xbox Live.

Since Skyrim is a single player game I usually play it offline but if I was connected to xbox Live while playing Skyrim, would it be Microsoft that catches me for the modified save, or would Bethesda have to report me to Microsoft? When and by whom are saves scanned to see if they have been modified?

Can Microsoft scan my personal/local Skyrim save files for modifications (when I’m not even playing the game) and then delete my account if they find any modifications? If that’s possible, would it be safer to play my modified save from a USB instead of the hard drive? (Common sense tells me I should never use the Cloud storage for modified saves.)

Have you or anyone you know, or have you ever read of anyone having experiences with being caught for modifying Skyrim saves?

They won’t do anything about skyrim game save modding…

im pretty sure their is no action on finding out about mods for skyrim. its single player, and there are creation kits and other modifications for skyrim via pc.

Bethesda publicly states on their games to feel free to mod it…

They prevented me from playing oblivion, no ban or anything besides that. I would stick to or under level 81 when modding, if you don’t have all 100 stats then put it around level 70 or somethin so you don’t go over. Thats the only way they wouldn’t know. You shouldn’t get a ban otherwise unless you put it on cloud. And thats for pc version ElderScrolls. Modifing the files goes against ToS so they can still ban you.


They will never “prevent you from playing a game”, except for online gameplay (which Oblivion doesn’t have).

I have never heard of anyone being banned for modding a single player game.

Pretty sure that’s only for cheating in multiplayer or unlocking achievements.

Okay to start, no they cannot ban you for using save game mods in Skyrim, if so there’d be thousands of banned players. The modifying is mostly referring to achievements and online play, which Skyrim does not have (achievements are easy anyways).

Also you technically aren’t modifying the game outside of the games boundaries. Look at Borderlands, it’s been modded to heII and back but nobody got banned for it. You are also using cheats on the PC to edit the saves so it’s not modding the files in anyway since Bethesda gave you the codes for it IN GAME.

As far as where it is saved, I use the USB for modded games, just so it’s easier to move them from Xbox to PC, it wouldn’t matter about where it is and they wouldn’t be able to check everything about a save game through cloud.

Technically since there is a command console on the pc version, you aren’t really using any third party software to modify the game which means there is no chance of them banning you.

I’m not saying anyone is going to get banned for modding the game, but if someone did get banned, it would be Microsoft doing the banning for breaking the TOS. It has nothing to do with Bethesda letting people mod their games.

Yeah, Microsoft generally doesn’t ban for modding unless it affects other players than yourself. Hell, they didn’t even ban very much for Borderlands modding, and that affected everyone.

But yeah, you’re 100% safe from being banned for modding Skyrim.

They cant really tell that you’re doing anything wrong unless you go past level 81 anyway.
I just wouldn’t store my saves on cloud hahah,
I used to Mod Oblivion ALL the time and no one gave a crap, So I tend to agree with people that they wont do anything, but to be safe avoid cloud and leveling past 81

i just got banned on xbox i think it was for skyrim

Have you modded Gamerscore, Avatar Awards, or the Crown on your Gamercard?
How about Gears of War 3?
What other games did you mod?

It wasnt. Bethesda doesnt ban people.

Only Skyrim but I was reset to cheater a few years ago. Ah

i agree that people should not upload modded gamesaves to the cloud but bethesda doesnt even care if you mod your stats past level 80 or higher. they want people to mod their games so they can get ideas for dlc and other cool things.

It had to be something else.
They wont/can’t ban people for doing that.

No they didn’t. Your disk probably scratched.

Who do you think let’s Microsoft know about the exploits and mods in their game? You won’t be banned for modding a save game.