GFWL achievements hack

Like the title suggests i hacked about 40000g of gfwl gamerscore about 8/9 months ago and still no reset or ban/suspension,what should i expect by now?
p.s.:like a ****head i unlocked without respecting a “legit” order and i unlocked online only achievements too:D
Thank you for your time.

40,000G? I would expect a GS reset anytime soon.

not really guaranteed tbh, i modded over 75,000 GS both online and offline with no edited timestamps in a 1 month time period and my account and gamerscore still stands 5 years later (i was new to modding at that time lol) , i know there is no time period of being found out but you need to take into consideration nine months have past and theres not even been a sniff on his account, if im being totally honest i think all forms of modding being monitored on the 360 will somewhat be miniscule now since their main focal point will be the xbox one and trying to keep that mod free.