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GFWL Bioschock 2 Minerva Den DLC Achievement ( Help me win : 30 euros )


Hello Guys.
Im going to write a HUGE wall of text and i hope your ready.
I have searched for A MONTH the solution of my problem and i didnt find it.
Im ready to give 30 euros to anyone able to unlock thoses achievement , legit or modding because im starting to become crazy .

Im a achievement completionist . I LOVE to finish my game to 1000G or Maximum Gamerscore.
Last month i bought a computer to play GFWL games and add achievements to my gamerscore.

* I Know GFWL is dead ( no more digital stores ) but you STILL can get the achievements if you OWN a physical copy of the game.

I played the Game Bioshock 2 , i got the Original 1000 Gamerscore points without any trouble .
Then i realised that i couldnt get the DLC achievement because the store was down , so no way to get the dlc " legit " .

I Find a way to get thoses 3 DLC to work on a russian forum , it was pretty easy : Just had to copy the games files, make a shortcut on your users.ini files in order to open the first map of each dlc. And it was working Perfectly.

The russian way to make dlc work for gfwl

So , thoses 3 DLC works but ONLY two of them got achievements , for some reason minerva den dlc achievement arent unlocking. Not just one but every single achievement of the minerva den dlc is locked.
When im talking about unlocking , i mean the legit way. I have done all the prerecquires for all achievement and none of them popped for Minerva den.

The way the dlc got installed was the same for Minerva den , Metro map pack and Protector trials but for some reason achievements arent there for minerva den.

I Then tried to MOD my DLC achievement using GFWL achievement manager but EVEN with a modding programm ( latest version) , i still cant get thoses achievements to unlocks. I got an error saying " Error cant write achievements " .

I find someone else on this website with the exact same problem for another game :

Concerning modding , I also tried to use " le fluffie " program to mod the dlc achievement , but its not working with gfwl achievements. ( You can mod them but not connect your profile to live after that )
In fact there is only one modding program for GFWL and its not working with the minerval den dlc as i explained before.

The only difference between thoses DLC is that Minerva den isnt region free , at least this thread made me realise this :

This Guy cant get the achievement for Mineva den but he is able to get thoses related to the others DLC.
Just like me but back in 2014.
I then started to think that , maybe the DLC and The BASE GAME has to be from the same region. Or the Dlc recquires some kind of Key check before you could unlock achievement .

I tried with the RUssian version of the game with the dlc on a NTSC location : No achievement
I tried with the International Version , with Us Gamertag no achievement.
I tried with The international Version with a PAL gamertag no achievement .

After day of research , i find out that Minerva den dlc were glitchy when first released :

Last but not least i realised that the my game screen on the gfwl menu shows only 60 achievements for Bioshock 2 instead of 68. However , when clicking on the achievement list detail i see the 68 achievements.

Each time i close the game and restart it , it will show 60 achievement ( instead of 68 ) on the " my games " menu , showing that minerva den DLC achievement are not counted by the game. Like they didnt exist.
If i redownload my gamertag without exiting bioshock 2 , it will then show the correct numbers of achievements on the " my game " menu.

Tried to unlock them legit / modding after getting the right number displayed : Still nothing. No achievement for minerva den.

It’s not related to Patching the game with a title update , because i patched my games ( both international version and russian verison ) with the last patch and achievement still not unlocking . ( Tried 3 differents 1.5 patch )

i tried the GFWL achievement manager with both version of the game also , ( GFWL version , Steam version with GFWL …) Nothing worked. Nothing . i have tried everything i could in one month and i didnt find the solution.

I want thoses achievements , leggit , modding i dont care but i want them . Im sick of looking for the solution.
Im ready to give 30 euros ( using paypal ) to anyone able to unlock minerva den dlc achievement in 2018, and im not joking.


SAM. Steam achievment manager !!!
Huh what is 30 euros in u.s. $ ?
Is this for xbox ? Its under pc
Use Horizon then on here


I think he is talking about the Games For Windows Live edition of the game. No longer supported even on GFWL.


Please read a minimum before posting answers.

Steam achievements and Microsoft achievement doesnt have anything in common.
Im talking about the Xbox Gamerscore . Microsoft released some pc games named Game for windows live and they include achievement.

It’s even more complicated because some of thoses GFWL games moved to steamworks and its the case for bioshock 2.


You can’t unlock Games for windows live achievement with : Horizon , Modio or Le fluffie.
Its not working because thoses programs works for the xbox 360 games , not the pc GFWL games.

There is a program to unlock them on GFWL but its not working on Minerva den DLC for Bioshock.
That’s explained on my big wall of text , so please again before posting anything read carefuly.
Again im not joking about the 30 euros / dollars.

Again its not easy but for anyone who want to try :slight_smile: :

  • You should be able to find bioshock 2 GFWL release easily on internet (2010 )
  • Patch the game
  • Install the dlc ( look on the russian link i provided for content/ instruction)
  • Find a way to get the Mineva den dlc achievement ( safe Modding / legit accepted )
  • You win 30euros
    If Someone know how to safely Hex edit achievement of GFWL profile , your welcome.


And your wrong GFWL achievement still works PERFECTLY.
The GFWL Marketplace is down meaning i cant buy the dlc or any other dlc for any other game, but the synchronisation of achievements still works.


Well not sure this is a pc modding site mainly and not much for xboxone so not sure who if any would know. Im out.


Have you even read the text ?
Its not xbox one achievement , its Game for Windows live achievement for PC Games.

You can earn Microsoft achievement on différents plateforms :

  • Xbox 360 ( can be mod with horizon/ modio / le fluffie)
  • Gfwl Pc games ( can be mod with gfwl achievement manager but not working with the one i want )
  • xbox one game ( cant be hack )
  • Window 10 games : ( cant be hack )

All thoses achievement are on the same profil ( your xbox gamertag) but they come from differents plateformes. You cant hack gfwl achievement the same way you hack 360 achievements.

Again, please have a minimum of knowledge before posting. I wouldnt write such a long text if the answer was as easy as « use horizon « . Thanks


@GabGodp A 5 minute forum search led me to certain conclusions, 1) Version of the DLC you are using is riddled with bugs and errors and was not working for achievements back when it was still being sold. 2) The error message you quoted is not an error message listed anywhere by GFWL and it never was. So before you insult people for not having knowledge, maybe you should give the factual knowledge. But to solve your problem is simple. Get over it. Without an original patched DLC from GFWL without the errors and bugs you will never get the achievements to post, because they are broken IN THE DLC. Learn to quote error messages fully and verbatim as well,because I wasted time looking for yours to see if solutions existed just to come back and ask for the full message and read you being offensive. I believe playing patty-cake with my turtle to be a better use of my time.


Yupp thats why i said i was done. Can figure it out himself. Lol
Most likely i was modding before he was born.


Hum, Hum.
First, i didnt insult anyone. I just said please have a minimum of knowledge before posting. If you feel offended by this, your whole Life must be very frustrating.

Second, the achievement of this dlc work. Many people got thoses achievement so they werent glitched for ever. You can get them. Just Check Bioshock 2 Pc on trueachievement and you will see. So again your wrong. People told me the same for the Protector trials and metro map pack , it wont work. But it did work even with a non legit dlc, and minerva den is working exactly the same way.

Third . I didnt post this to get an argument with someone, im searching a solution for this problem.
At the moment both of you suggested things ( horizon, talking about xbox one achievement ? ) that are out of context, or already mention as not working on my very first post.


So sorry if you feel offended but just don’t post unless you have info. No needs of get use to it or thing like that neither.

Offering still available and rise up to 50 dollars to anyone has the solution.


Do you not read? Achievements were broken in the version of the DLC you got from a 3rd party site. It is impossible to update the achievements without changing the DLC version. Since there is no possible way to do that without GFWL, it can not be done. You can not “hexedit” the profile and get achievements because it is not the file that pops the achievement, it is the DLC, or game that tells the server that the achievement happened, then the server writes the achievement in the profile. If the game does not do that, the next “sync” with the server overwrites the profile info with the “no achievement”, because there is not one on the server. Again, your game is broken and can not with that version of the DLC tell the server that you got an achievement.


Thanks , constructive comment.
What do you mean by broken ? Any link with the fact that this dlc ( unlike the two others ) is region lock ?
I’m not sure I understand what you mean by « dlc version » but what about trying with another release of minerva den ? Thanks !


That is what I mean by DLC version :slight_smile: It was bug fixed and updated once before it went off the store. If you could find that updated and merge it with your base game it would probably have no trouble writing the achievements. I never recommend dl’ing a cracked game, for all the obvious reasons. So I am not sure how you could even get an update. There are a lot of references to the original release of Minerva being buggy and glitchy, the achievements are just one issue and not everyone had it. I have no idea if it was region locked or if the bugs were because they were trying to stop things like Achievement Managers from working. If you can find someone with a full DLC set, compare the CRC for the DLC files and see if they have a different release/version. Might be as simple as cut and paste, well, through personal FTP or something :slight_smile:


has this been solved yet? im having the same problem