Ghost Modded lobby

Rubbers was host.

Yet again another ruined game, But never mind nice video anyways daModder100 :smiley:

Is this a private lobby?

Cant wait to see max level on the first day. Fun.

It’s online not private match.

Great. It’s unfortunate I think, but great work.

Do you know if 360 and 1 users will play together, or will thye be in lobbies only with people on the same console?

Ohhh… Rubbers lol Starting off, where Modern Warfare 2 left off :thumbsup:

Damn already Modding Nice :thumbsup:

Says it’s private to me.

Yea it is private

Good. **** like this is what ruins public lobbies. It’s fun and great to play but I don’t think it should be used to ruin everyone else’s experience. If you want it and know what you’re getting into, it’s one thing.


Videos back up