Ghost Recon Breakpoint Cheats and Trainer for Epic Games

What so you mean where is weapon parts thing ?

Will the Uplay trainer be updated or only Epic

@Wildwings - It will be updated when MrAntiFun has the time to do so. Please be patient. He’s awesome but he’s not superman. :slight_smile:

@Ravenfyre Lmao well funny enough its already working again even though it says request update so i guess he already did it :smiley:

Can you assist with telling me the file batteeye goes into. Where is the batteeye file located.

It should be in the main game directory. Which by default for Epic Games is:
C:\Program Files\Epic Games\GAME_NAME.

This post from MrAntiFun has further instructions and the link for the bypass: Ghost Recon Breakpoint Cheats and Trainer for Uplay. It’s in a different thread but the instructions are the same.

iv followed the instruction but given i’m new at this i still done understand the main directory…is that unplay or GRB?

The directory is where the game is installed on your PC. If you’re having trouble finding it:

  1. Launch the game.
  2. Open task manager
  3. Right-click the game’s process
  4. If you see the words “Expand”, click on this. Otherwise, right-click the game’s process and then click "Open File Location. The game’s directory should pop up.

Close the game before changing anything there.

Thank you…found it and followed the instructions, but still will not work. I’m new at this , what can i do to fix the problem? Uninstalled the game and reinstalling so i a fresh system file…

epic Perfect Accuracy Often fails

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Does the game save your progress, if you turn off the cheats, and rename the .exe file back to normal? Even if you want to play coop multiplayer?

So I got a bit of an issue with the trainer since its update. Every time I launch the game with the changed .exe file I just get command prompt that keeps opening and closing with out the game actually lauching. I know I installed the bypass correctly because I have used the mod before without any issues. Anyone know why I am having this issue? I could really use some help. I have also disabaled my anti vrus just to beon the safe side but still getting the issue.

i have this exact problem and have been trying for the past few days to find a solution but still havent found anything to fix it

Yo! Mate! Whenever you got time. Maybe you should take your time to make a EAC Bypass within your trainer just like some other did, with the Ghost Recon Wildlands.

Well, I even tried everything and I just seems like this trainer is incompatible at the moment. Because it just keeps on spamming a Command Prompt window.

Ami no me funciona y eso que lo tengo en UPLAY
pero lo mismo, se abre y se cierra todo el tiempo… Alguna Solucion?

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You need to use the Uplay trainer This one here is designed specifically for the Epic Games version of the game, as the thread title states.
The Uplay trainer is here: Ghost Recon Breakpoint Cheats and Trainer for Uplay

I’d tried both ways, nothing works. It has to be updated some how.

please update

Hello everyone
could you let me know if I can use the WeMod trainer with ghost recon breakpoint without being banned playing by myself or without playing ghost war or something like that has to do with online games with other players and if there is someone who I have proof of a recent video from the year 2020 of the months April and May that can serve as proof that if it can be done it is because I want to use it only to get rid of the diabolic TERMINATOR, that even my fingers hurt I cannot kill him, hahahahahahaha so please let me know or show me two videos of different dates to know if you have not been banned so thank you until next time guys and girls