Ghost Recon Breakpoint Cheats and Trainer for Uplay

Remove the bypass, don’t do the bypass for steam users

Look up a few posts and you’ll see a step by step way to disable BE and prevent it from installing.


Hi! I’m not sure if you’re still updating this trainer, but can you please look into adding the following options:

  1. Instant class rank up to level 20.
  2. Unlock all cosmetics, weapons, and stuff.
  3. Something to either get more ghost coins or just unlock all the ghost coin items for free.

Thank you and take care.

Currently doing regular raid.

Anyone up for joining us, 1 person needed.

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can you tell me how

Bro there is no folder called BattlEye and Uninstall_BattlEye.bat for steam .
we have Program Files (x86)\Common Files\BattlEye and BEDaisy.sys

i also have an suggestion what if instead of no reload the no reload was fast reload(if thats possible)

I have that folder on my Steam Version

Same as Mamad - no uninstaller

sync shot drone(gadget) is not unlimited:( @MrAntiFun version: ubisoft

i try to launch the game directly thought wemod, nothing happens at all.
been trying to launch the game using any of the exe files except for the grb_be.exe (the bypass launcher version) in the games folders does nothing.
when i launch the bypass launcher through wemod, it thinks it failed to launch the game after the game loads.
ive tried to launch the game through grb_be.exe but then wemod cant inject the trainer.

i just cant get this to work at all, the game runs fine with the battleeye bypass but the trainer doesnt want to inject into the game whatever i try to do. i got the uplay version btw

You don’t need the bypass for the Ubisoft version of the game

Do you know if Damage Mod will be added to this trainer? I know all the other trainers have it, this is a feature I wouldn’t mind subscribing to wemod for. I can’t find the steam version of other trainers so I cant use them lol.

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Need clarification here - so if i bought the game on steam, it still appears on my ubisoft connect. By ubisoft version, do you mean if i run the game through ubisoft connect? (it seems to open my steam ver though).

I need help game crashes after 5 mins of gameplay

was this trainer gonna get updated with any more option, like maybe a loot drop rate option would be fantastic

i did all the steps but i am stuck in a loop and returned to this any solutions ??
Thank YOu

Confirmed this is working as of March 20 2023

Cancel this, it does allow the trainer to load, but the game will crash anyway making it unplayable when using the trainer, advise MAF to just update it for steam since it no longer works at all, granted its not going to happen but its the least i can say.

I’m having trouble understand if this trainer bans you or not.
I’m only in coop with my friend I don’t even know what is online or pvp.
Battle eye always pops up when I launch the game.
Can we have some kind of guide on how to not get banned, like options to disapble in menu, disable online mode etc…
Thank you !

The mods are working properly and do not need to be updated. All you need to do is launch it from WeMod. You must also have a graphic card that supports the vulkan API.