Ghost Recon Wildlands Trainer by SUNBEAM all versions are broken

Hello community. when I select the game and click to play, it said: “We’re having trouble starting or finding opened game.”
I’ve test all of the versions on history, still doesn’t work but Mrantifun version work well. please fix )

Sunbeam is not with us here no more , so his will not be updated again
If you say mrantifuns trainer works which it does what is there to fix ?

I’m used uplay version and i just select grw.exe and click to play. everything work well. but SUNBEAM options are more. hope mrantifun give a hand on it but i don’t think he working on it.

MrAntiFun will update his trainers when he can, if they need to be updated (ie due to the game getting an update). If it doesn’t need to be updated then he is focusing on trainers that do need to be.

Sunbeam’s trainer is outdated and will not be updated. He is retired from WeMod. Sometimes cheats are removed from newer trainers because they caused issues in the game, such as due to crashing or (very rarely) resulting in players being banned from games.

You’re welcome to make suggestions for new options in the official thread for the trainer. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands Cheats and Trainer for Uplay.